Dr. Bart Decoopman

Dr Bart Decoopman is a plastic and aesthetic surgeon with practical experience extending far beyond the borders of Belgium. After completing his studies at Leuven University, he decided fairly quickly to move on to countries where aesthetic surgery was no longer a taboo. Each time, he tried to find the one surgeon with specific experience in a specific procedure. In this way, he managed to work with the most renowned doctors and developed professional expertise on a global scale.

Long before programmes such as the Flemish series ‘Topdokters’ became run of the mill, Dr Decoopman was already giving Flemish TV audiences a look behind the scenes. Through his efforts, he has undoubtedly ensured the breakthrough of aesthetic surgery in our country.

As a passionate champion of the discipline, he has taken the medical experience to another level. A unique context where care and comfort meet seamlessly. In 2002, he opened Cosmipolis Clinic, one of the most prestigious private clinics of Belgium and its surrounding areas.

Dr Decoopman is a man of integrity and can explain things simply and clearly. No complicated medical terms, but in language that is understandable by the patient. A plastic or aesthetic procedure should no longer be simply seen as a ‘surgery’, but something that can make a world of difference.

“Plastic and aesthetic surgery means much more to those who undergo it than merely a ‘skin-deep’ procedure. Once the healing is complete and the final result is visible, we often see a domino effect. We are satisfied by what we see in the mirror and this better reflects how we feel, which in turn makes us want to start living ‘differently’ in other areas of our life as well. Healthier food, more exercise, etc., often we also see a dramatic change in character. Especially among women, we notice that a surgery - whether minor or major - can make a big difference in their outlook on life. Many women really blossom after an aesthetic procedure.”

Is treatment readily available to anyone who wants it?

“As a surgeon, you build up a relationship of trust with the patient and within this relationship you must sometimes dare to take a decision on behalf of the patient. You have to listen between the lines to understand what exactly is desired and try to adjust expectations if they are not realistic. So it is important for you to also be a bit of a ‘psychologist’. Why does the patient want this procedure? Is it really for himself or herself or due to external pressure such as social media, a partner or sometimes even the fear of losing a partner? If the motives don’t feel right, you must also have the courage to say this to the patient openly, and therefore refuse to treat him or her. Even when patients keep coming back for more and more, you should be able to persuade them to stop. The purpose of plastic and aesthetic surgery is not to completely arrest the march of time or create an entirely different physical appearance, but to allow you to be the most beautiful version of yourself at your age.”

Dr Decoopman may be contacted for all types of plastic and aesthetic surgical procedures.

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