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Aesthetic treatment of varicose veins

Are you experiencing problems due to unattractive varicose veins or small ‘spider veins’ (telangiectasia or micro varicose veins)? We offer state-of-the-art methods to help you, adapted to your specific situation.

Our method of working is based on a few important pillars. Firstly, an extensive preliminary check-up with Duplex-Triplex scanning and transluminescence to identify and understand your varicose vein problem. Secondly, a personal consultation between you and the doctor, during which you will receive the necessary explanation about your problem and the treatment options. During this consultation, we give you the chance to get answers to all your questions. Finally, you can be assured that we will give you a realistic picture of the final result to be achieved, taking into account existing local factors.

For ‘spider veins’ or micro varicose veins, we work with sclerotherapy and a diverse range of products. Sclerotherapy is a treatment in which an irritant is injected into these tiny veins. This substance triggers an inflammatory reaction in the vascular wall. Wearing support stockings for three to seven days after this treatment causes the vessels to close off, as a result of which the varicose veins disappear faster and there are fewer symptoms. During the follow-up consultations, you will be informed about any further treatments you may need.

For medium-sized varicose veins that do not require surgery, we can offer you the modern Foam Sclerotherapy treatment: a procedure in which the diseased veins are filled with a kind of foam. This foam ‘eats away’ the diseased vein and after a few weeks everything is gone. As one of the first practitioners in Belgium to start using this procedure, Dr Spoelstra was able to participate in the first major international European study that demonstrated the significant advantages of this technique. He is also co-author of a standard workbook on this procedure (Foam Sclerotherapy, A Textbook, John J. Bergan, Van Le Cheng, Chapter 10, Harry Spoelstra).

The latest 1470 nm Endo Laser technology is used for the large trunk varicose veins. The large diseased vein can be cauterised and closed via a tiny incision in the skin. The cauterised vein shrivels up completely and disappears after six weeks. The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia and gives an excellent aesthetic result. After this almost painless procedure, you will be able to resume all your activities immediately and so there is no need to take time off from work. During the first two weeks, you will need to wear a support stocking.

The Müller technique is used for the diseased side branches that cannot be treated with foam or the Endo Laser. This is a method in which the branches are surgically removed via tiny incisions in your skin. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Here too, an excellent aesthetic result is achieved, since these scars disappear completely after a few months.

Finally, we use a special mini laser pointer for treating rosacea and in some cases as the ‘finishing step’ in the aesthetic treatment of your leg.




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