About us

From life's dream to life's work

Cosmipolis Clinic opened its doors in November 2002, but in theory has been around for quite some time.

Cosmipolis Clinic is not only the life dream, but also the life's work of plastic and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Bart Decoopman. From the very beginning of his career it was on his mind of setting up a private clinic where people of all classes cold receive treatment, with the necessary privacy and discretion. Cosmipolis Clinic thus gradually took shape in the thoughts of Dr. Decoopman. The result can be seen!

As an architect, daughter Sophie, together with her father, drew for the plans. The furniture was carefully selected by Dr. Decoopman himself, from waiting room, recovery-room to even the bedrooms. Not a single detail was left to chance.

The tasteful and pleasant environment has been used several times as the set for the recordings of several television broadcasts such as 'Beautiful', 'Aspe', 'Complex' and the feel-good film 'Allemaal Familie'.

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